Islamic Research Journal { القدوۃ } en-US Islamic Research Journal { القدوۃ } 2959-2054 The role of Sufism in inter-faith harmony and peace <p><em>What is Sufism? When did Sufism begin? What is the legal status of Sufism? What role has Sufism played in the preaching of Islam? What has been the role of Sufis in the evolution of inter-faith peace and harmony in Pakistani society? What kind of social changes occurred as a result of the efforts of Khawaja Ghulam Fareed and Baba Fareeduddin Masood Ganj Shakkar? My hypothesis is that the Shariah status of Sufism in Islam is justified, similarly the role of Sufis in preaching Islam has been very positive and the role of Sufis has been effective in the evolution of inter-religious peace and harmony in Pakistani society. And as a result of the efforts of Baba Fareeduddin Masood Ganj Shakkar, positive social changes have occurred in Pakistan.</em></p> Muhammad Abid Karim Copyright (c) 2023 Islamic Research Journal { القدوۃ } 2023-09-21 2023-09-21 1 03 1 17 ریاستِ مدینہ میں انسدادِ جرائم کی نبوی حکمت: سیرت طیبہ کی روشنی میں <p>The Prophet's era, whether before or after the proclamation of Prophethood, in all circumstances, the Holy Prophet took many practical steps for the establishment of peace, which are mentioned in detail in the books of <em>Sirah</em>. Efforts have been made to eliminate all kinds of crimes. Because where there is an abundance of crime, the society suffers from political, social, economic, societal and chaos which destroys the integrity of the region. In such a situation, science and art, elements of development, people with high power cannot flourish and every member of the society is in a state of panic and defeat and their abilities are destroyed and man becomes mentally ill. This is an analytical study that is based on secondary sources; books, article and online sources. Islam is based on nature and in every respect, it does not cause of stagnation in the development of science and art, and in the promotion of the highest values ​​of society, economy, sociology and human life. It then provides an effective and positive strategy to eliminate the causes that hinder developmental elements. Islam is the religion that has enlightened man with the values ​​of society. Crimes prove to be detrimental to the values ​​of society, so Islam wants to counter such causes from the very beginning.</p> Muhammad Anwar Shaikh Copyright (c) 2023 Islamic Research Journal { القدوۃ } 2023-09-11 2023-09-11 1 03 1 14 شخصیت کی نشوونما میں اصلاح قلب کی اہمیت:قرآن وسنت کی روشنی میں <p>Among the main objectives of the mission of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ), the subjects that have priority are character building, purifying the heart, and teaching humanity through Qur’an and Sunnah. If the purpose of education and learning is determined only to obtain grades, then man loses the true spirit and benefits of knowledge. The Holy Prophet had such a group of <em>Nufūs-i Qudsīyyah</em> who only got education from Holy Prophet (SAW) and gave the coin of their leadership over time. Moreover, they became a symbol of success forever based on purification of their hearts without any degree and certification. Analystical method is employed to get results of this research which are linked with the Prophet’s biography. Holy Prophet (ﷺ) called the reformation of the heart as the central point in character building, that if the heart becomes dull, the whole human body becomes dull. Therefore, the heart is the palace of intellect and knowledge. Today, in our educational institutions, along with general education, reformation of the heart and personality development are neglected which has made education harmful and useless. So, there is a need to expose the students to the true prophetic education that builds nations and nurtures people so that education becomes purposeful and institutions become the cradle of morals and actions. This research may fulfil the required and mentioned objevtive and need.</p> Sajid Hussain Khan Copyright (c) 2023 Islamic Research Journal { القدوۃ } 2023-09-13 2023-09-13 1 03 15 37 علامہ اقبال ، سید مودودی اور خرم مرادکے افکار کا بیدارئ امت میں کردار:ایک تجزیاتی مطالعہ <p>Khurram Murad a well known Islamic personality who work hard for revival of Islam. Due to his religious background and personal intention towards Islam explore his idea to work for the development of Islam. This research paper is based on qualitative approach to analyse role of Khurram Murad as a rebuilder or reproducer of Islam. The basic motives to present true picture of Islam with its basic principles to be part of life and how these principles are to be carried in order to enhace the reilgion. Khurram Murad explore the Holy Quran to gave&nbsp; information about religion which can be utilized by each community irrespective of race, gender or geopgraphical bounderies. love of Khurram Murad for Allah shows his attitude towards revival of islam. The attributes provided by Khurram Murad is also resembled by other relegious personality Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Syed Abu Al A’ala Maudaoodi, who also indulge themselves in revival of Islam.Allama Iabal through his poetry serves the needs of religion while Khurram Murrad through subjective approach and Syed Madoodi through his relegious knowledge ensures and serve as a rebuilder of Islam. This research paper comprises of theoratical analysis of three major religious personalities and their indulgeness towards Islam. The major focus depicts evaluation of religious principles and how these principles have to be followed in order to get maximum benefit or religious outcomes for all the Muslims and non Muslims.</p> Dr. Muhammad Imran Malik Copyright (c) 2023 Islamic Research Journal { القدوۃ } 2023-09-18 2023-09-18 1 03 38 73